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Honey Chilli Jam – 230g


Sugar 50%, apple cider vinager, red chilli 7%, red pepper, honey 7%, natural pectin,

Our extremely popular honey chilli jam was created back in 2019, it works extremely well with cheese and crackers, meats and fish even in stir frys not to mention that bacon sandwich on a Sunday morning!!! Basically once you open the jar it will be on everything you cook!!
When making our honey chilli jam we use a apple cider vinager and red peppers trying to limit the amount of allergens within our product to cater for people with allergens to barley or tomato based sauces.

- No added preservatives
- No E numbers
- Handmade / Homemade
- Made in small batches
- No barley or tomatoes
- Available in 3 sizes 230g - 1.2kg - 5.5kg

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