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Crop Pollination

Honeybees are the most important pollinators of agricultural crops, most fruit, small seed and many vegetable crops require pollination for the production of economic yields.

The value of the honeybee as a pollinator is far greater than its value as a honey producer. Insect pollinators are the most effective of all the insects, honey bees in particular are the most practical for crop pollination and sufficient numbers can be reared well in advance to the the crop coming into flower.  Our hives are placed throught the orchards whenever required for the most effective pollination.

Getting the hives ready for pollination

It has been found that the use of honey bees for pollination can result in a increase in harvest yields and an improvement in the quality of produce.  Among other insects honey bees are known as one of the most important groups of pollinators worldwide. About 75% of our agricultural crop species, rely to some degree on animal pollination, and about one-third benefit from cross-pollination achieved by pollinating insects like honey bees!

Enquireys for pollination

2023 – 2024

Demand is currently high so please enquire well in advance as we breed our bees the year before, most of our hives are already reserved for next years pollination. Hives can be hired out for pollination between April and August, please feel free to get in touch if you require any more information and prices.


Some of our bees busy pollinating different commercial crops….

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