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Honey & Orange Marmalade – 330g


Sugar, oranges, honey 4%

Our Honey Marmelade is extremely popular along with our homemade jams which only just started in 2021, it includes: Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Bramble and our Honey Marmalade & Honey chilli jam
Our bees are busy with pollination from April right up until August at Castleton fruit farm, this was we're we got the inspiration to create our jam range.
Since our bees help with the pollination on the farm after successfully being pollinated the plant then produces the fruit. We then get the handpicked fruit back from Castleton to make our jams which are made in small batches at our unit, this is when we add in some of the honey from the same site into the Jams making our jams completely diffrent and unique.
Without the bees there would 'bee' no Jam!

Currently the oranges we source are from various EU countries but our prefered orange is the famous Seville oranges which we only get once a year.

- No added preservatives
- No E numbers
- Handmade / Homemade
- Made in small batches

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