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About The Workers

We curently have two types of honey bees on the farm, the normal European honey bee and the Buckfast honey bee, both are extreamly good honey collectors, very docile and are less likely to swarm during the summer so these bees are easy to work with when doing hive checks and honey collection.

During the spring all the hives are moved onto the oil seed rape at Banchory Devenick to help with the crop pollination in return the bees collect a record amount of nectar which allows me to produce a specific type of honey, when processed this turns into a set honey and is a creamy white colour with a thick sweeconsistency this very popular with hay fever sufferers in the area to ease the symptoms associated with the condition.

During this time on the OSR the bees are so busy collecting nectar and pollen this triggers the hive to produce new Queens due to the high flow of nectar and the size of the colony has reached with this supply of food. This is when we do our hive splits producing new colonys for the following year and if its a good year this allows us to have a few to then sell on to new hobbyists starting up.

After the Oil Seed Rape has finished flowering the hives are then moved out to the various places that we have where they begin collecting nectar from various flowers through out the summer, this is what we call our mix flower blossom honey, this is a nice runny consistency and full of flavour. The hives are left in these locations where they will over winter till next spring where it all starts over again.